Monday, January 21, 2008

San Diego, I miss you already

(sign of a split personality?)

Friday I flew to San Diego, California. Saturday, I came back.
Why? Because the 8-year old had been invited to go skiing by her Aunt and Uncle.

It's been a thrilling weekend for her. When we landed in San Diego, we discovered we had flown from cold winter weather to balmy 65 degree sunshine. Lovely. And my youngest daughter was waiting for us -- for the 8-year old, actually. With a cry of, "Mommy!" the 8 year old threw herself into my daughter's arms. And spent the next two hours jabbering away at her.

Then my oldest daughter and her husband showed up to pick up the 8-year old and whisk her away to the mountains of California -- and back to winter, again. (Southern California is strange that way.) Meanwhile I had a lovely visit that afternoon with my youngest daughter.

Saturday, I flew back to winter in Baltimore. I had noticed many people watching DVDs and otherwise using their computers on airplane trips, so I decided to try doing that. However -- I got bumped off my computer (low battery) after less than an hour of working on a book project. grumpf. I wonder if that's normal for my laptop, or does it need fresh batteries? (these are the same ones that they came with when it was new, quite a few years ago.)

Now the weather here has really turned to winter here in Baltimore, with single digit temperatures at night. brrrr. So we finally began using the wood stove, along with the radiant heaters that have worked so well so far this year.

Yes, that is our house -- computers in the same room as the wood stove. Modern technology existing alongside ancient technology. What can I say? It's a 1740 farmhouse with stone walls 23 inches thick -- that absorbs the cold and radiates it into the house. The only thing that really can counter the cold walls during the winter is an open fire in a fireplace or a closed wood stove.

Tomorrow I will plow through a snow/ice storm to the airport to meet the 8-year old as she flys home. It'll be her first plane ride by herself. Since her Aunt and Uncle want her to come visit often, this trip will be a test to see if she can handle flying by herself. Wish us luck.


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How exciting! Hope everything goes wonderfully!