Thursday, February 25, 2021

a history of typewriters - as experienced by me

I've lived through the whole history of typewriters:

From the old Remington typewriters, a portable typewriter in college, the MTST machine (the first word processor) various electric typewriters (one of which my husband broke when he got frustrated while writing an antique MG article for a magazine), a Commodore 24 (wrote many stories and my first published book on it) , The Apple IIe, the first iMacs, the more advanced flat screen iMac, and now I use the iMac with a bluetooth mouse and bluetooth keyboard.


Sunday, February 21, 2021

You Never Forget Your first

 I just finished reading YOU NEVER FORGET YOUR FIRST, a biography of George Washington.  by Alexis Coe.

Oh My. This is so, so, so much better than the So-called book supposedly about Mary Ball Washington written by Craig Shirley who inserted every boring thing he found, making that book mostly about George, not Mary.  

You Never forget Your First is thoroughly interesting reading. Fascinating Facts. (I love fascinating facts and always insert as many as I can into my own biographies.) Even her bibliography/ chapter notes at the end were sprinkled with more interesting comments.

Highly Recommend
for Middle Schoolers, Teens, and all the rest of us adults.

Sunday, February 7, 2021

We Dream of Space

 I'm reading the Newbery honor book - We Dream of Space by Erin Entrada Kelly - and suddenly I discover the protagonist's class is getting ready for the liftoff of The Challenger, January, 1986.  The liftoff that killed every person aboard.  The liftoff that, because one of the  astronauts was a teacher, almost every kid in the United sSates was watching.  And every kid (and any adult around them) was traumatized by this event.

My daughter was home sick from school, so as I usually do, I set up our portable TV in her room so she could watch this event.  Just like every child in the USA was doing in school. 

Suddenly she began screaming.  I rushed into her room. Discovered the explosion.  That the TV played over and over and over again. (I turned off the TV and hugged my child)

I don't think I can finish this book.  Too many terrible memories.  I've already begun crying and the book hasn't even gotten to this event.