Monday, February 26, 2024

Using spreadsheets and other things

 I was forced to take a secretarial course after high school. The only way my parents would let me to away to college (a Junior College/ now called community college) was if I promised to take something that I could use to get a JOB! So I did. Typing. shorthand. accounting and spreadsheets. (and chemistry, believe it or not- the male teacher hated having 'girls' in his chemistry class.)  

Although I transferred to an academic track my second year there (without telling my parents), you know what? I've Always used those secretarial things. (except shorthand. forgot most of it) 

Got a part time job working my way through college as a typist and also typed other student's papers. 

Have used the accounting and spreadsheet knowledge all my life. Very helpful during the times I have to figure out IRS Income Tax reporting. (got my spreadsheets up on my computer right now, calculating my deductions and expenses because of being a writer)

Monday, February 19, 2024

Secondary character takes over the story

 And there I was, writing away, and suddenly a super talkative secondary character appeared. Now, I'm quiet and shy. 

How was I going to write this 'different' character? 

(first readers loved this character more than my they did my main character, so I did him right. But obviously the main character needed more work. How was she going to sparkle with that annoying secondary character around?)