Friday, September 3, 2010

How do you use your Library Card?

Over at Teaching Authors, JoAnn Early Macken is talking about libraries. Libraries are a writers' best friend. But they do much more than help writers. You can find anything you need to know at libraries -- more than you can on the web. And if the library doesn't have the information, they know where to find it. (even if it means searching the web and finding what you couldn't find there)

And do follow her link to the ALA website for the article -- 52 Ways to Use Your Library Card.

Good Question.
How DO you use your library card?


Karen Packard Rhodes said...

Wendie, I have four library cards: My own home county, Clay County, Florida, libraries; Jacksonville Public Libraries (better research facilities and collections); Alachua County (Gainesville) Public Library (I live about equidistant from Jacksonville and Gainesville); and my University of North Florida student ID, which is also my university library card.

I use them for checking out books, of course, and for using special collections, using the computers and other sepcific facilities, ILL, and accessing such online resources as each library's own home page, the Florida Electronic Library (a statewide library catalog), and the union catalog of the state university system.

Wendie O said...

In Maryland, we have ONE card that can be used in all public libraries, which makes carrying around your library card much easier. :-)