Thursday, August 4, 2011

Writing Progress

The past few days have been dedicated to creative work. This time I'm taking a picture book -- which a Vermont College advisor and I agreed looked more like an outline of a longer story than a picture book -- and I'm expanding it.
What Fun!

Instead of sitting at my computer, waiting for inspiration, I already have a workable outline, complete with beginning, three attempts, and success. The writing of it has just been whizzing along and I'm already at my required 20 pages for the month.

I don't want to stop this story to work on something else. I want to keep going with this one. But I"m also required to turn in 20 pages of revised work, so I will have to put this novel aside (complete with all sorts of notes as to what I want to do next) and pull up something already written which needs to be revised.

But today, I'm done.
Time for excercise. I have been going to the pool to swim laps after dinner for several weeks. But a cold, rainy front has come through and the pool will be cold. So my excercise the past days has been walking in a closed mall.

Very dangerous.
To the pocketbook (SALE at Talbots and Macys and...)
To my waistline -- because I pass three Ice Cream places and two Annie's Pretzels. Have you tried the Almond pretzels? Yummy!

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