Thursday, November 24, 2011

Handling Social Media when you have Too Much To Do

Here's an interesting article about writers using Social Media for the best effect,
It's a post by Darcy Pattison called, "Emily Dickinson Would Have Tweeted!"

Networking and keeping up with friends takes time. People, especially writers, have done this for ages -- only the media we use has changed.  Many 18th Century writers scheduled time to write letters, a half a day or more.  It just takes time. You have to find the balance between the need for marketing and networking and the passion for creating.

One way to keep up is to use places that gather links, like  or  which lists blogs.

Thanks to Darcy Pattison for all these ideas.  And check out the writing resources she has collected by clicking on the links to the right of her Emily Dickinson article.

Back to preparing that turkey and trimmings.
Happy Thanksgiving.

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