Sunday, January 15, 2012

Semester 3 Reveals their name

For those of you who wondered about the strange design I put on the blog last week, all now can be revealed. Although I was not able to be at Vermont College this week for the January residency, I still want to give a cheer for my classmates because they revealed their class name today.
Here's the YouTube link to the video they used as part of their presentation.

The class name is Dystropians -- a take-off combination of the writer's term "Trope" plus the predictions about Dystopia scheduled to begin in this year of 2012.

We are the DYSTROPIANS: Writers of the Apocalypse!

The other part of the presentation had the whole class up on stage wearing black hoodies, which they took off to reveal awesome black tshirts with the saying, Dystropians -- We Survive! on them. (plus a fantastic writers swiss army knife full of pens and markers and a flash drive instead of knives, etc.)

I wish I had been able to be there.  I wish you-all had been there to see it.

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