Thursday, February 2, 2012

6 more weeks of winter

Okay, Punxsutawney Phil has spoken. (or whatever groundhogs do)

In Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, Phil the groundhog saw his shadow, and predicted that we will have 6 more weeks of winter. (check out the official Punxsutawney, PA, site later today. This morning it has too much traffic and is down.)

HOW-EVER, the Canadian groundhogs, Ontario's Wiarton Willie and Nova Scotia's Shubenacadia Sam, and New York City's Charles G. Hogg all predict that we'll have an early spring.

And here in Maryland, it's been cloudy all morning, so our groundhogs would also have not have seen their shadow. Does this mean that Maryland will see an early spring?

(As soon as we get some winter, that is.)

1 comment:

Karen Packard Rhodes said...

Yeah, here in Florida, we can hardly have six more weeks of something we have had none of in the first place!