Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Sweet 13

The 12-year-0ld is finally officially a teen.
She turned 13.

She is old enough to have a Facebook Account.
(However, when she tried to get an account, she got the same answer that I got when I first tried -- Facebook thinks that anyone with such a short last name must be giving a fake name.
Sorry Facebook.
Our name is real.

What a birthday party on Saturday!
It's been years since I drove a bunch of teens to a movie.
The noise of happy chatter in the back seat was almost overwhelming.
But the Movie complex was nice and easy to move around and to find where we needed to go, and the movie -- Rise of the Guardians -- was fantastic. We highly recommend it.

The rest of the day the teens talked (naturally), ate ice cream cake and pretzels, talked, watched videos, played board games (remember them?), played the piano, and talked and talked. Since it was a multinational group of teens, the videos varied from Bollywood dancers/ singers to clips from Les Miz.  (another movie that the teens can't wait to see.)

Happy Birthday Sweet 13-year-old.

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laurasalas said...

Aw, happy birthday to her! Lots of changes for her lately, so I'm glad she had a super bday!