Monday, September 9, 2013

Nonfiction Monday

Every Monday, bloggers in the KidLitosphere (yes, that is a word -- not only a word but it's a whole group gathered together on YahooGroups to discuss blogging about children's literature) hold an event called Nonfiction Monday.

ON this day readers of children's nonfiction, parents and teachers and whomever, can read reviews of new children's nonfiction books simply by following the links on the Nonfiction Monday blog post.

Today, Nonfiction Monday is here.
As the day progresses, more and more links will be posted here, so do keep checking back (or come back on Tuesday).

The first link is to NC Teacher Stuff where Jeff Barger has examined Mozart: the Boy who Changed the World with his Music. This book was written by Marcus Weeks and published by National Geographic Kids, 2013.  (It certainly looks like a National Geographic book, what with that yellow border and all.)

Reshama Deshmukh at the Stacking Books blog is featuring What Charlie Heard by Mordicai Gerstein. Published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux Books for Young Readers in 2002. She saw it at the library and her children demanded they bring it home -- again.

Razia's Ray of Hope by Elizabeth Suneby, was published by Kids Can Press just a few days ago -- September 1, 2013! And the blog, Perogies & Goyoza has already reviewed it. It's about a girl's struggle to get educated in Afghanistan.

For different ways to look at Albert Einstein, click on over to The Swimmer Writer. The first book considered is On a Beam of Light: A story of Albert Einstein by Jennifer Berne, published by Chronicle Books, 2013.  The second is Albert Einstein: Brilliant Scientist by Amanda Tourville, published by Magic Wagon Books, a division of ABDO Publishing, 2013.

Sue Heavenrich over at Sally's Bookshelf wants you to sharpen your observation skills and learn about ecosystems with  Hide-and-Seek Science: Animal Camouflage by Emma Stevenson, published by Holiday House, 2013.

There's a craft book at the Jean Little Library called Fun With Nature by Annalees Lin, published by Windmill books, 2013.

And over at Randomly Reading,  Alex has featured a picture book for older readers about the rescue and rehabilitation of a Chinese Moon Bear named Jasper:   Jasper's Story: Saving Moon Bears by Jill Robinson and Mark Bekoff, published by Sleeping Bear Press, 2013.

Anastasia Suen talks about Showtime: Meet the People Behind the Scene by Kevin Sylvester, published by Annick Press, at her Booktalking blog.

For those interested in STEM, Roberta looks at Hi-Tech Clothes by Richard Spilsbury, published by Heinemann, 2013 at the Wrapped in Foil blog.

Ha!  Now here's a book that I've had requests for -- over at Check It Out you'll find Electrical Wizard, How Nikola Tesla Lit Up the World, by Elizabeth Rusch, published by Candlewick Press, 2013.

There's a bit of excitement over at The Booklist blog, Bookends. Cyndy and Lynn are checking out The Nazi Hunters: How a Team of Spys and Survivors Captured the World's most Notorious Nazi, by Neil Bascomb, published by Scholastic, 2013. Lynn says it has all the breathless suspense of a best selling spy thriller, and yet it's all true. They even help you make the Common Core connections with this book.

Tammy at the Apples with Many Seeds blog reviews the beautiful handmade book from India, Waterlife by Rambharos Jha, published by Tara Books, 2012.

Zooborns: the Next Generation -- Newer, Cuter, More Exotic Animals from the World's Zoos and Aquariums , by Andrew Bleiman and Chris Eastland, published by Simon & Schuster, 2012 is discussed at SonderBooks blog -- an incredibly cute kid-pleaser.


Ms. Yingling said...

I don't have any nonfiction offerings today, but thanks for hosting. I love to see what others have up!

The Swimmer Writer said...

For two different views of Albert Einstein, please visit

Sue Heavenrich said...

Sharpen your observation skills and learn about ecosystems with "Hide and Seek Science" by Emma Stevenson.

Jennifer said...

I've got a craft book (I'm updating this section in the library) called Fun with Nature.

Randomly Reading said...

Hi Wendie, Thanks for hosting Nonfiction Monday this week. I have a picture book for older readers about the rescue and rehabilitation of a Chinese Moon Bear named Jasper.
Here is my link:

Anastasia Suen said...

Thanks for hosting, Wendie! At Booktalking I'm reading Showtime: Meet the People Behind the Scenes by Kevin Sylvester

Roberta said...

Good Morning Wendie,

I have a look at Hi-Tech Clothes by Richard Spilsbury at Wrapped in Foil

Fashion + STEM = some interesting clothes!

Thank you for hosting this week.


Jone said...

Hi Wendie, I have a book on Nikola Tesla at Check It Out:

Cindy Dobrez said...

Wendie, Bookends is featuring The Nazi Hunters this week:

Thanks for hosting!

Tammy Flanders said...

Thanks for looking after today's event, Wendie. Please add my review of Water Life to your list.
Apples with Many Seeds

Sondy @ Sonderbooks said...

Thanks for hosting! Today I'm reviewing an incredibly cute kid-pleaser, ZooBorns: The Next Generation, by Andrew Bleiman & Chris Eastland.

Janet S. said...

Thanks for hosting.
For Nonfiction Monday -- "Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass : the story behind an American friendship by Russell Freedman.