Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Anniversary of Wright Brothers' flight

What's important about December 17th?
The Era of Flight began.

110 years ago, two bicycle men from Ohio flew the first controlled heavier-than-air manned flight on the sandy beach of the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
The very first flight that succeeded.
Many had tried, but they were the first to figure out the Physics of Flight.

They flew four times that December day, and were planning a longer flight to the nearest town of Kitty Hawk four miles away when a gust of wind flipped the plane over and over, landing almost at the edge of the surf. And that was the end of Flyer number 1.  It was boxed up and stored at their home in Dayton, Ohio for years while they worked on other versions of their flying machine.

For more information about the Wright brothers, read my books:

Hmmm.  I thought I had a GIF of my other Wright brothers book published by Enslow, The Wright Brothers, Inventors of the Airplane, but I can't find it on this computer.  You might be able to check it out at your local public library and some school libraries.

You can also read the Wright Brothers' papers (with photographs) on the Library of congress webpage, or explore the original material in the Wright Brothers Packet at  Wright State University collection.  I had a great time exploring this collection when I did my research for these two books.

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