Friday, January 3, 2014

It's always men winning the big awards?

True or false:
Do men have a better chance at winning the big awards (and thus reaping the monetary benefits that go along with that from book sales and invitations to speak at events) than women?

This discussion has been going on for quite some time and one of the best places to read about it is on the Horn Book blog, Calling Caldecott.
What do you think?

Here's a link to another article about this problem:  On her blog, One Minute Book Reviews, Janice Harayda talked about the problem after seeing the complete sweep of the Caldecott awards by male illustrators in 2012.
(ah only one of the books shown here have been illustrated by men. Bad example)

And, along with that -- what books do you think the Caldecott committee of ALA will chose this year? What picture books stand out in your mind.
(and now that you are thinking about it -- which ones of those have been illustrated by men?)

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