Saturday, December 27, 2014

Green Christmas

"I'm dreaming of a green Christmas…."

No White Christmases here in Southern California.
But it certainly is nice to see green, again.

On the east coast (which gets 40 inches of rain a year, by the way, and So Cal gets less than 4 or 5) the hillsides are green from late spring until early fall. Then the leaves turn and fall off and the hillsides are brown, brown, brown.

However, here the hillsides are brown from late spring until December.
Yes, I said - December.
That's when it finally rains.
And within a few days, those brown hillsides turn GREEN.
It's an amazing thing and quite shocking to a new resident.

And it's not the off-green/ sage green of some summertime plants here.
It's GREEN.  Christmas green. (and just in time for Christmas)

And, by the way, my Camellias are blooming, again.

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