Sunday, October 4, 2015

A tribute to the Honest People in this World

Recently, on Facebook, there was a discussion of purse thievery. Other people chimed in about times they had been robbed.  But I had to put in a good word for the honest people in this world:

1 - Once I accidentally left my wallet on top of a pay phone and only remembered it halfway home. (remember pay phones?  If you are too young to know what they are - The telephone company used to set up stand-alone phones that you inserted coins in to use.)
    I drove back to that pay  phone (stuck to the side of a building right there on the sidewalk side of the building - with no phone booth around it) and discovered that my wallet was still there.

2 - Same wallet (different year) was accidentally left at a fruit and vegetable stand. Evidently I had gathered up my bags of goodies, but forgot to also pick up my wallet.  When I returned, a kindly neighbor had offered to take it home to me, but since I returned so quickly, she simply handed it to me with smiles.

3 - Once I shopped at Staples but didn't find what I needed. So I parked my cart with the other carts inside the store and drove to another store. When I reached for my purse, it wasn't in the car. Went back to Staples and didn't find it in the stack of carts. A cashier saw me looking and told me that another person had pulled out the cart to use, discovered my purse in it, and had turned it in to the store office.  I got my purse back - intact.

Now - yes, each of these times I had had huge anxiety attacks as I drove back to retrieve my wallet/ purse.
Such a relief to discover the nice people who did NOT steal it.

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