Monday, January 18, 2016

The day she found out she wasn't white

On this Martin Luther King Jr. Day (soooo many people forget that he was a Junior. That his father was Martin Luther King) I am reminded of this article by my college friend and much-loved author, Lisa Papademetriu, The Day my Daughter Realized She Isn't White, published in the Washington Post November 3, 2015.

Now, to me anyone who doesn't have a dark brown skin color is White.  But that's just me. To the rest of the world, anyone who has skin color even slightly different from them is "other."
(I read somewhere that Asians consider themselves white and think of us as pink.)

So, as you celebrate this day off from school (or day off from work that some people have) think about how children learn about discrimination, and about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s message.

Lisa Papademetriu's latest book is A Tale of Highly Unusual Magic.

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