Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Cybils Award Winners have been announced!

Happy Valentines' Day!
And here's a gift - The Cybils Award winning books - a list of the best children's books of the year as chosen by a group of book bloggers.

The Cybils Award is a new-ish award devised by these bloggers to focus on the best books of the year that children would enjoy.  Their criteria is different from the American Library Association's awards. The ALA committees look for the 'most distinguished' books of the year ignoring child-appeal whereas the Cybils committees take child-appeal into account.  Would a child really enjoy reading this book? And why?

Here's the official definition about how this all works:
 judges engaged in a three month marathon of reading and judging, and selected these titles as the ones that best meet our twin criteria of literary merit and kid appeal. Judges were allowed to select no more than seven titles in each category, which really makes these the “best of the best.” 
A second panel of judges in each category then read the finalists to select one winner per category. Winners are announced on February 14, our valentine to the book world.

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