Friday, November 4, 2016


I voted.  Did You?
I couldn't believe how long the ballot was this year.
Evidently, California insists on having the electorate vote on things that the elected officials up on Sacramento or in the city council should have taken care of.   A good many of them were revisions and updates to the city charter.  (We no longer have a City Manager - that was a 1960s thing. Now we have a Mayor.  My reaction was - and you just noticed that the terms needed to be revised?  That should have been taken care of when the terminology first changed, however may years ago that was. By the city council.)

I get a mail-in ballot, but I like to hand deliver it.
So, once I checked the library website to see what time they closed, I fought rush hour traffic over to Solana Beach, talked to the nice ladies running the ballot table, and officially dropped my ballot into the ballot box.  Ten minutes before the library closed.

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