Saturday, March 4, 2017

When your preschool child wants to write a book

What do you do when you are at your computer, writing, and your preschooler wants to 'write' on 'your' computer.  Let her pound away?
What we did when my preschool granddaughter wanted to do this was to get a used keyboard. Just the keyboard.
 Then she would sit on the floor by my desk and type away, clickity-click-click-click, happy as a clam, while I did my writing. We were together. and we both were busy.
My youngest child (before computers) saw me writing on notepads and then typing on my typewriter, so one day she wrote a story on her notepad and illustrated it. (small notepad. one page. one illustration.) Gave it to me and asked me to read HER story. 

Well, it was the usual preschool scribbles, carefully staying on the lines of the small notepad. I took a guess from the picture (It looked like a jack-o-lantern) and quickly made up a story about a pumpkin who wanted to be a jack-o-lantern. 
I was totally surprised when it turned out to completely satisfy her.

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Jen Robinson said...

My daughter had a phase of typing gibberish on my computer as a story. Now that she's in first grade her hand-written stories are much more entertaining.