Friday, January 11, 2019

A place to write - college libraries

In the fall I discovered college libraries are great places to write. I had used to excuse that my teen would need to use my car if hers was in the shop to get a parking permit in the college lot. She's taking a semester off, but I still want to use the college library for writing. (laundry, housework, and FB are too distracting at home.) So I went to the college Admin building to get a spring semester parking pass.
I was worried about getting a parking permit without being a student there, but it was no problem. I talked about how I was a published author and how useful it had been to be able to write in the library, and showed them one of my bookmarks that shows a selection of 5 of my books.
One of the people there had actually read two of them !!!
So they figured out how to get me a non-student parking pass. Yay!

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