Tuesday, February 12, 2019


Memories of snow storms past:
It was always interesting that I would manage to get to work after a snowstorm - me who lived the farthest away from the branch - and some of those who lived closer never showed up. This happened when I worked at BCPL as well as when I worked for HCPL. 
It was lucky that we librarians at HCPL had been given a bit of clerical training, because the rule was that the branch had to have at least one person with knowledge of basic check-out there before the branch could open. So many times one year it was just Helen Evans and me. We'd take turns working each desk. 
And then there was the branch manager who yelled at me several times about not having a cell phone. (cell phones were new and expensive at that time, and she was the only one that had one) When she called my house, I was either outside shoveling the driveway so that I could get to work, or else I was creeping my way to work over ice or snow. She marked me down for not calling into work to let them -her- know I'd be late. (Sometime thereafter, she was the one who was fired, not me.)

But this year - I suggest you stay home. It seems to be a Snowmageddon year.

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