Friday, October 25, 2019

Whole Foods - a dangerous place to shop

It's dangerous to walk into Whole Foods. One of the routes I walk to get my mile a day is to walk around a shopping center, going in and out of some of the stores to 'window shop.' I actually had a small list for Whole Foods. Small. What I was searching for was some sage to burn in my house.
Passed the veggies. No, won't get any tomatoes today because I'll be getting them at the Farmer's market this weekend. Couldn't even see what was being offered at the serve your own lunch/dinner aisles because of the crowds. I was good about saying 'no' to everything, until I saw that they had dark chocolate covered orange slices. I love covered orange rinds, so yes, I had to try these. 
I finally did find the sage and only had four other things in my cart.  
I suppose being tempted by only 4 things is a success story.

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