Saturday, December 21, 2019

Adventures with Christmas Presents

Right now I live in a very small house, so it's difficult to find a spot to secretly wrap Christmas presents. (or presents for any event)
But our old house on the east coast was much larger, so around Christmas time we designated one particular room as the 'wrapping' room. I put all sorts of wrapping supplies in there and the family took turns bringing their goodies to the room, wrapping them and putting them under the tree.
Well, that was when the kids were older and could resist those delicious looking packages.
When they were young, we hid the wrapped presents, only bringing them out and putting them under the tree after they were asleep. (Don't ask about how many hidden presents weren't found until months later.)

This system worked fine except for the one time when they woke up on Christmas day before us, went downstairs, and opened everything.
Usually I would sit there with a pad and pen recording what gifts they received from relatives, but that year we had NO IDEA because, of course, the kids had shoved all the wrappings aside in their hurry to open Their presents.  The poor relatives received very generic 'thank you for the present' letters that year.

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