Monday, January 6, 2020

Patricia Wrede had a writing problem

Well known author, Patricia Wrede hates to send book synopsis to her editors.
(Editors want to know what the next book will be about)
 So she'll make up something like. --The group gathers one by one in the city and are pursued so they escape the city and have various adventures in the countryside until they reach their goal. --  
Okay. No, not okay. 
She wrote and wrote and couldn't get out of the city. They'd be almost to the gate and suddenly one of the characters would suggest spending the night in an uncle's empty warehouse. They'd try again for the gate the next day, but it's guarded, so they go to ground elsewhere. etc. 
Now, I've read all of her books and one day I was reading one and This Book was the story where she had had so much trouble with her characters not wanting to leave the city. (can't remember the title right now, but I enjoyed it very much.)
I'd surmise that she's not a plotter; she's actually a pantser.
Do go to her link above and find more about her.
(she also has a good book about writing)

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