Sunday, June 7, 2020

Quarantine Reading of favorite books

I'm working my way through my set of Pern books by Anne McCaffrey during quarantine and go to the set of teen books that show the life of harpers while referring to happenings in the first three books. When I took the third one off my shelves - Dragondrums - I realized that this was a book my sister gave to me which she had gotten Anne McCaffrey to autograph. Wonderful!  
Not so wonderful is the fact that this book was produced during the time when publishers were experimenting with other types of glue and this one was one of their failures. The pages are falling out.  I remember this happening to lots of library books when I was a librarian. We had to replace so many books during this time.
I wonder if there's a bindery here in San Diego? Or have they all gone out of business? I'm usually not fond of re-bound books because they usually make the pages tight and difficult to lay flat for reading. But for a favorite book, I might make an exception. Maybe they've managed to improve their system.

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