Friday, May 28, 2021

Too many Jennifers

 My daughter didn't have a name for several days after she was born. Her wrist band said, Baby Old.  

Why? Because we had only arrived at the hospital with boy's names because his mom insisted that their family only had boys. Well, she was a girl. I waited until my husband came to visit us in the hospital so we could discuss girl's names and we settled on Jennifer. So I called down to the hospital register's office and told her we'd decided on Jennifer and it was spelled.... She stopped me right there. Very patiently she told me that she knew how it was spelled. How? Because of a popular movie in 1972, Jennifer was the top baby girl's name.  

Jen had 5 Jennifers in her elementary school class, over 25 in her middle school class and graduated high school with over 100 Jennifers. !!!

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