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Adult books I read in 2021

 And here's the list of the books for adults that I read in 2021:



Anthony, Piers and Mercedes Lackey. If I pay the not in gold. Riverdale, NY: Baen, 1993.

Bradley, Marion Zimmer. Domains of Darkover. (Edited by Marion Zimmer Bradley)  

            NY: DAW books, 1990.

Cline, Ernest. Ready player two, a novel. NY: Ballantine Books, 2020.

            (Sequel to Ready player one)

Deveraux, Jude.  The girl from Summer Hill. NY: Ballantine books, 2017.

    ….   As you wish. NY: Mira/ Harlequin books, 2018. (2nd Summer Hill book)

    ….   Met her match. NY: Mira/ Harlequin books, 2019. (3rd  Summer Hill book)

    ….   A forgotten Murder. NY:  Mira/ Harlequin books, 2020.   (Third of her mysteries)

    ….   Meant to be, a novel. NY:  Mira/ Harlequin books, 2021.

Deveraux, Jude and Tara Sheets. Chance of a lifetime, a Providence Falls Novel. NY: 

            Mira/ Harlequin books, 2020.   

    ….   An Impossible promise. a Providence Falls Novel, book 2. NY: Mira/ Harlequin books,


Follett, Ken. The pillars of the earth. NY: William Morrow and Company, 1989.

    ….   World without end.  (book 2 of The pillars of the earth.) NY: Dutton, 2007.

    ….   A Column of Fire. (book 3 of The pillars of the earth.) NY: Viking, 2017.

    ….   The evening and the morning, the prequel to The Pillars of the Earth.  NY:

             Viking, 2020.  (Re-reading his Kingsbridge series – this is the prequel to it.)

Harkness, Deborah. A Discovery of Witches. Book 1 of series. NY: Viking, 2011.

    ….   Shadow of Night. Book 2 of series.  NY: Viking, 2012.

    ….   The Book of Life. Book 3 of series. NY: Viking, 2014.

Heyer, Georgette. The Black Moth. Originally published in Great Britain.

            (her first book published in 1921 and has been continually in print ever since)

    ….   These Old Shades. Originally published in Great Britain in 1926. She made the villain

             from the Black Moth into the hero of this book with a slight name change.

    ….   Devil’s Cub. Originally published in Great Britain in 1932. This tale focuses on the son

             of the hero and heroine from These Old Shades.  

    ….   The Corinthian. First published in USA in 1941; Bantam/E.P. Dutton edition, 1974.

    ….   The Foundling. First published in USA in 1948; NY: Harlequin edition, 2003.

Holmberg, Charlie. The paper magician, a novel. Book 1. Seattle, WA: 47North, 2014.

    ….   The Glass Magician, a novel. Book 2 of the Paper Magician series. Seattle, WA:

             47North, 2014. 

   ….    The Master Magician, a novel. Book 3 of the Paper Magician series. Seattle, WA:

             47North, 2015.

    ….   The Plastic Magician. a novel. Book 4 of the Paper Magician series. Seattle, WA:

             47North, 2018.

    ….   Spellbreaker. Seattle, WA: 47North, 2020.

    ….   Spellmaker. Seattle, WA: 47North, 2021.  (sequel to Spellbreaker)

Korelitz, Jean Hanff. The Plot, a novel. NY: Celalon Books, 2021.

Lackey, Mercedes. The complete Arrows Trilogy, in a single volume. NY: Daw books, 2015.

            Includes— Arrows of the queen. NY: Daw books, 1987.

                        Arrows Flight. NY: Daw books, 1987.

                        Arrow’s Fall. NY: Daw books, 1988.

….       Take a thief. NY: Daw books, 2001.

….       Moving Targets and other tales of Valdemar. (edited by Mercedes Lackey) NY: DAW

             books, 2008.

   ….    Beyond, the founding of Valdemar, Book 1.  NY: Daw books, 2021.

Lackey, Mercedes. The Fire Rose. NY: Baen Books, 1995.

            (This is actually her first Elemental Masters book, where she figured out the rules of this

             world.  However, this one is in San Francisco, CA, USA around 1906, whereas the rest 

            are in Europe &Great Britain. All are based on folk tales. This one Beauty and the Beast.)  

    ….   The Serpent’s Shadow. Elemental Masters, Book 1. NY: Daw books, 2001.

    ….   The Gates of Sleep. The Elemental Masters, Book 2. NY: Daw books, 2002.

    ….   Phoenix and AshesThe Elemental Masters, Book 3. NY: Daw books, 2004.

            The Wizard of London. The Elemental Masters, Book 4. NY: Daw books, 2005.

    ….   Reserved for the catThe Elemental Masters, Book 5. NY: Daw books, 2007.

    ….   Unnatural Issue. The Elemental Masters, Book 6. NY: Daw books, 2011.

    ….   Home from the sea. The Elemental Masters, Book 7. NY: Daw books, 2012.

    ….   Steadfast. The Elemental Masters, Book 8. NY: Daw books, 2013.

    ….   Blood RedThe Elemental Masters, Book 9 NY: Daw books, 2014.

    ….   From a High Tower. The Elemental Masters, Book 10. NY: Daw books, 2015.

    ….   A Study in Sable. The Elemental Masters, Book 11. NY: Daw books, 2016.

    ….   A scandal in Battersea. The Elemental Masters, Book 12. NY: Daw books, 2017.

    ….   The Bartered Brides. The Elemental Masters, Book 13. NY: Daw books, 2017.

    ….   The case of the spellbound child, The Elemental Masters, Book 14. NY: Daw books,

             2017.   (Actually the title should say ‘children’ because there were lots of them)

    ….   Jolene. The Elemental Masters, book 15. NY: Daw books, 2020. (read twice)

Lackey, Mercedes. The Fairy Godmother, a tale from the Five Hundred Kingdoms.

            NY: Luna/Harlequin, 2004.

    ….   The Snow Queen, a tale from the Five Hundred Kingdoms. NY: Luna/Harlequin, 2008.

    ….   Beauty and the Werewolf, a tale from the Five Hundred Kingdoms. NY: Luna/Harlequin,


   ….    Briar Heart.  NY: Little Brown & Co., 2021.

McCaffrey, Anne.  The Wings of Pegasus. NY: Build America Books/DelRay/ Ballantine Books.

                        (Actually, it contains two other books under this title: To Ride Pegasus, 1973

                         And Pegasus in Flight, 1990. These are two of the three prequels to 

                        The Rowan/ The tower and the hive series)

    ….   Pegasus in Space.  NY: Ballantine Books, 2002. 

                        (Third prequel - a new novel in the saga of the Talents.)

    ….   The Rowan.  NY:  Ace/ Putnam, 1990.

    ….   Damia, sequel to The Rowan. NY:  Ace/ Putnam, 1992.

    ….   Damia’s Children. sequel to Damia. NY:  Ace/ Putnam, 1993.

    ….   Lyon’s Pride. sequel to Damia’s Children. NY:  Ace/ Putnam, 1994.

    ….   The tower and the hive. sequel to Lyon’s Pride. NY:  Ace/ Putnam, 1999.

McCaffrey, Anne and Elizabeth Moon. SassinakVolume one of the Planet Pirates. NY: Baen 

            books, 1990.

            Generation Warriors. NY: Baen Books, 1991. (last book in her Sassinak/ Planet Pirates

                         series. I can’t find the rest.)

Putney, Mary Jo. The bartered bride. NY: Balantine Books, 2002.

Quinn, Julia. How to marry a marquis.  NY: Avon/ HarperCollins, 1999. 

   ….    First comes scandal. NY: HarperCollins, 2020.

Schwab, V.E.  The invisible life of Addie LaRue. NY: Gale/ Thorndike large type, 2020.

Smith, Alexander McCall. How to raise an Elephant, a No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency novel. 

            NY: Pantheon Books/ Penguin Random House, Great Britain: Little Brown, 2020.

Sutanto, Jesse. Dial A for Aunties. NY: Berkley/ Penguin Random, 2021.

Tevis, Walter. The Queen’s Gambit. NY: Vintage books/ Random House, 1983.

            (heavy with chess movements – made into a streaming series)

Thomas, Will. Some danger involved, a novel. NY: Simon & Schuster, 2004.

            (The first Barker and Llewelyn mystery)

    ….   To Kingdom Come. NY: Simon & Schuster, 2005.

    ….   The Limehouse Text. NY: Simon & Schuster, 2006.

    ….   The Hellfire conspiracy, a Barker & Llewelyn novel. NY: Simon & Schuster, 2007.

    ….   The Black Hand. a Barker & Llewelyn novel. NY: Simon & Schuster, 2008.

    ….   Fatal Enquirya Barker & Llewelyn novel. NY: Minotaur books/ St. Martin’s Press, 


    ….   Anatomy of Evil. a Barker & Llewelyn novel. NY: Minotaur books/ St. Martin’s Press,

             2015.  (based on the search for Jack the Ripper, discovering the actual Ripper.)

    ….   Hellbaya Barker & Llewelyn novel.  NY: Minotaur books/ St. Martin’s Press, 2016.

    ….   Old Scoresa Barker & Llewelyn novel.  NY: Minotaur books/ St. Martin’s Press, 2017.

    ….   Blood is Blood. a Barker & Llewelyn novel.  NY: Minotaur books/ St. Martin’s Press,


    ….   Lethal Pursuit. a Barker & Llewelyn novel.  NY: Minotaur books/ St. Martin’s Press,


    ….   Dance with death, a Barker & Llewelyn novel.  NY: Minotaur books/ St. Martin’s Press,


Winspear, Jacqueline. The consequences of fear. NY: Harper, 2021.



B-Bly              Goodman, Matthew. Eighty Days – Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland’s history-

            making race around the world. NY: Ballantine books/ Random House, 2013.

                        (This was my introduction to the fact that two women raced)

B-Bly              Kroeger, Brooke. Nellie Bly, daredevil, reporter, feminist. NY: Times books/

             /Random House, 1994.  (very readable, also very thick – 400 pages or so)

B- Broom        Broom, Sarah M. The yellow house. NY: Grove Press, 2019. (autobiography) 

B-Fitzhugh.     Brody, Leslie. Sometimes you have to lie, the life and times of Louise Fitzhugh,

             renegade author of Harriet The Spy. NY:  Seal Press, 2020.  

                        (Lesbian life as we never knew it.)

B-Fox              Fox, Michael J. A funny thing happened on the way to the future, twists and turns

             and lessons learned.  NY:  Hyperion, 2010.

B-Fox              Fox, Michael J. No time like the future, an optimist considers mortality. NY:

            Flatiron Books, 2020.

B- Packard.     Moore, Kate. The woman they could not silence – one woman, her incredible fight 

            for freedom, and the men who tried to make her disappear.  Napperville, IL: 

            Sourcebooks, 2021. (she helped pass laws against men putting outspoken women in

             mental institutions and exposed the horrible treatment therein.)

B- Priestley       Johnson, Steven. The Invention of Air – a story of science, faith, revolution, and

             the birth of America. NY: Riverhead books/ Penguin, 2008. 

B- Takei          Takei, George. To the Stars – the autobiography of George Takei, Star Trek’s 

            Mr. Sulu. NY: Pocket books, 1994.  

            (the first chapters of this are used in the Graphic Novel.)

GN B-Takei    Takei, George and Justin Eisinger and Steven Scott. Illus. Harmony Becker.

            They called us enemy.    San Diego: Top Shelf, 2020.   

            (San Diego Library 2020 ONE BOOK of the childhood of the actor

             who portrayed the much loved Captain Sulu of the original TV show, StarTrek)

B-Washington             Shirley, Craig. Mary Ball Washington, the untold story of George

             Washington’s mother.  NY: Harper, 2019.  

            (is actually a bio of George Washington with occasional mentions of his mother)

B-Washington             Saxton, Martha. The widow Washington, the life of Mary Washington.

            NY: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2019. (highly praised as the best book about her)

B-Washington             Coe, Alexis. You never forget your first, a biography of George 

            Washington.  NY: Viking/ Penguin Random 2020. 

            (So much better, much more readable, much more interesting than Shirley’s)






070.92             Bly, Nellie. Around the World in Seventy-two Days and other Writings

            NY: Penguin Classics, 1890/ 2014.

302.231           Stephens-Davidowitz, Seth. Everybody lies – big data, new data, and what the

             internet can tell us about who we really are. NY: Day St/ William Morrow, 2017.

306.512           Wilkerson, Isabel. Caste – the origins of our discontents. NY: Random House, 

            2020. (compares caste in India to the black and white division in the USA) 

324.2734         Benen, Steve, The Imposters, how Republicans quit governing and seized 

            American Politics. NY: William Morrow/ HarperCollins, 2020. 

324.2734         Stevens, Stuart. It was all a Lie, how the Republican party became Donald

             Trump.  NY: Alfred Knopf, 2020.

358.388           Baker, Nicholson. Baseless – my search for secrets in the ruins of the freedom of

             Information Act.  NY: Penguin Press, 2020. (Info about Biological Warfare in 1950s)

363.283           Leonnig, Carol. Zero Fail, the rise and fall of the secret service. NY: Random

             House, 2021. 

363.32             Perlroth, Nicole. This is how they tell me the world ends, The cyber-weapons arms

             race. NY: Bloomsbury Publishing, 2021.  

                                    (It turns out that there’s a lot more about this that we didn’t know.)

576.5               Zimmer, Carl, She has her mother’s laugh – the powers, perversions, and

             potential of heredity. NY: Dutton, 2018.

614.5924         Lewis, Michael. The Premonition, a Pandemic story. NY: WW Norton Co, 2021.

616.898           Kolker, Robert. Hidden Valley Road, inside the mind of an American family

            NY: Doubleday, 2020.  (family of 12 children, half of them with schizophrenia)

818.6               Seinfeld, Jerry.  Is this Anything?  NY: Simon & Schuster, 2020.

            (If you are a Seinfeld fan and want a book of his jokes – this is it.)

910.41             Goodman, Matthew. Eighty Days, Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland’s history

             making race around the world. NY: Ballantine books/ Random House, 2013.

940.9725         Fox, Margalit. The confidence men – how two prisoners of war engineered the

             most remarkable escape in history. NY: Random House, 2021.

970.0049         Nesteroff, Kliph. We had a little real estate problem, the unheralded story of

             Native Americans and comedy. NY: Simon and Schuster, 2021.

973.93             Osnos, Evan. Wildland – the making of America’s fury. NY: Farrar, Straus and 

            Giroux, 2021.

973.933           Leonning, Carold and Philip Rucker. I alone can fix it – Donald J. Trump’s 

            catastrophic final year. NY: Penguin Press, 2021.

973.933           Schiff, Adam. Midnight in Washington, how we almost lost our democracy and

             still could.  NY: Random House, 2021. (behind the scenes of two impeachments.)

973.933           Wolff, Michael. Landslide, the final days of the Trump presidency. NY: Henry

             Holt and Co, 2021.

973.933           Woodward, Bob and Robert Costa. Peril.  NY:  Simon & Schuster, 2021.

976.403           Burrough, Bryan and Chris Tomlinson and Jason Stanford. Forget the Alamo – 

            the rise and fall of an American myth. NY:  Penguin press, 2021.  

            (excellent close look at this legendary place)


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