Monday, February 14, 2022

Part time college jobs -- the typing pool

 One of my part time jobs in college was in the science department typing pool. I was moved from the typing pool into a separate room to use the just invented MTST machine. What an amazing change. I could type with the Selectric typewriter on paper while a wire connected my actions into a desk high 'computer' sitting beside my desk and my actions were recorded on computer tape. Then I could edit the paper copy, mark corrections, then have the computer type out what I had written while I had the ability to stop it and make corrections, which were instantly saved on the tape in the computer. Once everything was corrected or re-written, I'd order the computer to print out a fresh copy - perfect. !!! Next to the computer box was a large storage cabinet of typing supplies and fresh computer tape. Yes, this was the first 'word processor.'

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