Saturday, October 22, 2022

Writers quotes -- Patricia Wrede

I have a couple of favorite sayings from author Patricia Wrede:

1 - Editors don't make house calls -- You've gotta send them out.

2. - Writers have three hats
First is the Writer hat
Secondly - the Editor hat
Thirdly - the business person's hat
The important thing is not to wear the Wrong Hat.  
When you are writing, keep that editor's hat off.  Only put it on when you are looking over what you wrote and are revising.  
And never, never wear your business person's hat when you write.

Of course she said it better, this is only a summary
She has said this many times, many ways. 
Ah - I've found a copy of one of her long lectures -- here's the beginning of it:

Patricia Wrede says:
"Writers have to wear many hats.  There's the Editor Hat, the Creative Artiste Hat, the Accounting and Finance Hat (often neglected, but really quite important, especially if one hopes to make a living from this), and so on. 
 A great many problems arise if one is wearing the wrong hat for the job."  (and so on)

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