Friday, July 7, 2023

Adventures with laundry equipment

 I noticed that my dryer couldn't dry my clothes.  After much too long, I opened the dryer door and found the clothing still damp.  Since the air inside the dryer was about 99 percent humid, I stood there for a while fanning inside the dryer to move it out and normal house air in.  Closed the door and 20 minutes later everything was dry.  Hmmmm.

Noticed that the "clogged dryer vent" was lit. (little red light, usually hidden behind my Tide bottle)

So I called the Sears repair department to get them to clean out my vent in my dryer.  The first guy (In Seattle - I also had a choice of calling Chicago - no choice to call my own town) seemed to know who I was and what I wanted, but his computer was wonky so he transferred me to -- INDIA.  Those of you who have tried to work with India call services can guess how well that went.  That man kept saying they'd fix my washer and I kept saying the washer was fine, I only needed the dryer vent cleaned out, so he set  up an appointment for Today (that was fast; that was nice) to have my dryer fixed,  Ho-Kay.

Repair man arrived.  Nope, he doesn't clean out dryer vents, I'd have to call bla, bla, bla.  What?  Who?

He very kindly did the calling himself and got an appointment set up.  I thanked him with a bag of M&Ms.

So, I get a text from the Carpet and Heating Vent cleaners that they'll arrive on Monday.  What? Who?

Evidently that's the right people to do it, because they have a record of doing it for me in 2014. (yes, it looks as if I should have called them before this time to get it cleaned out.)   

So, Monday I will be able to finish my wash with a dryer that can dry things quickly.

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