Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Happy Boxing Day -How many miles do you walk a year?

I seemed to have missed blogging for most of December.  I hope you had a nice holiday season or are having a nice holiday season.  

People are discussing how many miles they walked this year so I gave myself a math problem this evening.  I walk a mile a day and then i put my cell phone down and it stops calculating steps

So I wondered how many  miles I walk in a year.  Activated the computer calculator and multiplied one mile by twelve months.      Hmmmm.   I'm sure I walked more than 12 miles.

Then I had an idea. There are 365 days in the year - give or take. Multiply THAT by one mile a day and you get -- 365 miles.   No, I didn't use the calculator for that.  My brain told me "Don't be silly. Do it in your head."  

Ya -- 365 days multiplied by one mile a day is -- TA-DAH -- 365 miles.


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