Monday, January 8, 2024

Enjoying life

 I expected to live until 75. My husband died at age 69 - but he was sick for many years so 69 was a great milestone for him and I treasure the years I had with him. I'm now lots over 75 and yes, I give myself little pleasures. I moved west to live near my children. I completed a second master's degree - this time in writing. I fly once a year, so I treat myself to first class. I live - not at, but close to the beach and treat myself to walking on or near the beach several times a week. Got chased up onto the parking lot by a huge wave last week. A group of us ran from that wave and it was fun. When our family was younger , we couldn't afford to travel and stay in hotels/ motels, so our family brought our tent and we camped instead. By going to various conventions related to our work or to our outside interests, we got to see various parts of our country. I've seen the Mississippi several times, the Great arch at St. Louis, and the grand canyon -- all from the window of an airplane as I traveled to visit relatives. Got to see the Alamo (a disappointment - it's surrounded by city and smaller than expected) when visiting relatives in Texas. Drove to Florida, to see relatives, and enjoyed the bathtub warm Gulf of Mexico. I've been to both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. (never enough time to see everything, tho) I've lived in the Appalachian mountains and have visited the Rockies. (I've lived in 5 states.) I've enjoyed playing in various orchestras, including a community orchestra made up of performers of all ages, where I sat next to a guy who became part of the rock group, Chicago. Two guys proposed to me right after they tasted the pumpkin pie that I made. One of them proposed simply because he realized I could cook. 🙂 I told them both that I was determined to get a college degree before I got married. (got married to a different guy and we both went to grad school together, which was fun.)

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