Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Extra social security monies

 When my husband retired and called about beginning social security, the gal on the phone was great. 

Since he was retiring later than the required date at that time, she said he could take the slightly higher monthly amount for the rest of his life, or he could take the original amount and GET the extra money he would have gotten as one chunk of money. Knowing that he was dying (and should have died 5 years earlier, but he's stubborn and also had a grandchild to raise) he asked for the chunk. Which we immediately shoved into savings and used for years to help pay grandchild expenses. 

Yes, he died a year and a half after retiring, (and I had retired a year ago to take care of him), so grandchild and I were able to use that money to move closer to my other children (across the country) plus other expenses. 

Thank heavens for that a very nice SS lady. (I hear that nowadays they're not allowed to tell you about these various choices.)

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