Saturday, April 13, 2024

Rain on the West Coast compared to the East Coast

 Oh no! It's pouring rain, the people of Southern California say.  

I look out my window. There's a slight sprinkle. That's a rainstorm?  

(When a normal rain comes, They call it an Atmospheric River and people who bought houses near a stream or river are totally surprised when it overflows its banks. Or when it tumbles down a hillside, gathering stuff as it flows down.

Really? You thought that was a good place to build a house. -or buy one already build?) 

People's attitude about water falling from the sky is so different here, where one-tenth of an inch is normal with a total of 7 - maybe 10 inches in a year. (I have never worn my raincoat here - didn't need it)  

Compared to the 40-50+ inches a year on the east coast of the USA. So different.

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Karen Packard Rhodes said...

In 1996, I went to Port Orchard, Washington, where my brother and his wife lived. I went to be a bone-marrow donor for Ned, because he was very ill and needed the procedure. I was the best match. Now, about rain. Heehee. One morning, not long after I arrived there, I fixed a bowl of cereal. I went out to my sister-in-law's garden and picked some raspberries to put on it. That done, I took the cereal out to the patio, enjoying the cool mist. I had left Florida in the high 90s F. and 85% humidity. Ned came to the sliding door and said, "What are you doing out there in the rain?" I said, "You been away from Florida too long, boy. This ain't rain."

That explains the difference all too well, to me.