Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Talk like a pirate

Well, it's almost over, but today was Talk like a pirate day.
No, I'm wrong -- it's INTERNATIONAL Talk Like a Pirate day. So, of course our library branch had a Pirate Party.
(See for ideas for your own event next year)

The Fall library Friends' book sale was going on, so we couldn't use the meeting room. We held it out in the Children's room -- thus eliminating food. (Goldfish crackers and Swedish fish were all I could think of serving, so maybe it was better so.)

What's a Pirate day without a Treasure map -- that really leads to treasure? So that's what everyone had to do, first. Find the YA section. Find the Children's nonfiction. Find the Joppa Room. Find the Adult Information desk and GET SOME TREASURE. (choice of 2 necklaces out of a whole pile of them) Find the Circulation desk and get gold coins. And at the Children's Information desk, they could put their hands into a Feelie Box and pull out Jewels. Or a pencil. Or bubbles. Or something. They finished with a map of the library they could keep and use.

Then on to the crafts and handouts. (I probably should have handed out the Pirate vocabulary list first and insisted that everyone talk "Pirate" during their Treasure hunt.)

Although some children came in costume, the hit of the evening were the ladies who came in full (female) pirate dress! I also wore velvet and brocade, but had to remove my leather jerkin because it was too warm for it.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun, Wendie!

Wendie O said...

We children's librarians have all the fun!


Wendie O said...
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