Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Words -- Writers need words

About 10 years ago I was complaining to some online writer friends that I was going to have to cut several chapters out of my book-in-progress to meet the required word count. In return I got this message from author, Dian Curtis Regan:

"You're running long and I'm running short.
I need another 9,000 words to complete my novel.
We can help each other.
Please send words.
Good words.
Descriptive words.
Meaningful and heartfelt.
The kind of words one finds in Newbery Novels.
And, if you can send them in complete sentences -- all the better.
No Adverbs, please.
Also, include punctuatioin.
No exclamation points unless there is a fire.
I hadn't planned on a fire, but at this point, I'm open to anything.

Be sure to enclose an SASE if you want any leftover words returned.
----Dian Curtis Regan, feeling like she's onto something. (or, perhaps, just ON something.)"

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