Friday, July 4, 2008

Sunday at ALA

As promised, a quick review of what happened on Sunday -- before the Newbery/ Caldecott banquet.

I really wanted to attend "The lady, the Tramp, and the Lion King. Mixed Messages about gender, race, and ethnicity in Disney's Magic Kingdom. But couldn't get myself going in time to get to an 8 am meeting. Too bad.

I did make it to the Random House Children's Fall Book review, but all the book handouts had been handed out before I got there. However, the nice people there said to just go to the Random House booth and ask -- so I did-- and was able to get a copy of a new Beverly Cleary about the Pain and the Great One. I hadn't seen a new Beverly Cleary in ages. How exciting. And just right for my 8-year old who will be entering 2nd grade soon. She'll be thrilled.

Stopped by the Clarion booth to talk to Susanna Reich who was signing her new book -- Painting the Wild Frontier: The Art and Adventures of George Catlin. That's one large, but beautiful book. As an old history major, I couldn't resist getting one.

Sunday afternoon began with "Programming your way through Dewey." Great ideas about using nonfiction books as "great reads" in schools. Many applications for public libraries also.

Then back to the room to meet up with my family and get ready for the Newbery/ Caldecott banquet. The girls were busy getting them selves beautiful for a dinner with the Disney princesses.

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