Friday, January 23, 2009

Vermont College Notes

There will be bits and pieces about my Vermont College Residency adventure for the next few weeks. And they will be in no order.

After our class (all four of us) gave our presentations about our critical essays, our advisor offered a few words and presented us with our Vermont College Writing for Children and Young Adults Picture Book Concentration Certificate.
When I was handed mine, I had the greatest urge my to grab the mike and begin to thank everyone.

"I want to thank my family for helping me through this.
Thank my advisor.
Thank Vermont College for accepting me to the program.
Thank my class for being so supportive and all around great people.
Thank the Class of 2010 for including us in all their events, even though two of us were leaving after getting this Certificate.
And I especially want to thank L.L. Bean for the jacket, boots, fleece sweaters and blankets that helped me survive the minus 27 degrees F. here in Vermont."

Here are some links to other students at Vermont College this January-- who managed to blog their adventures during the time they were there. One is a graduate who came back as a graduate assistant and the other is a school teacher. Watch her blog carefully -- she purposely made grammatical errors for her students to find.

I think others blogged (is that a word) about the adventure. I'll post their links whenever I find them.

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