Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'll never drown

A friend and I were writing e-mails back and forth this morning. Since we both were online, it was almost like Instant Messaging. (except we could spellcheck our messages before we sent them.)

First we discussed the fires near Los Angeles. (near her) Then heat. (It was 100 degrees there, today.) Then water. Then somehow we got on the subject of drowning. (From Fire to Drowning. go figure)

I said:
I've long ago decided that I'll never die by drowning -- since I've already drowned twice.

Once when I fell (was pushed?) out of a boat into a pond at age 3 or 4. I blacked out and came-to on the shore with no idea how I got there.

Then again at age 5 or 6, when a cousin tried to show how he could 'rescue' me, while we were 'swimming' in a river. I fought so hard that we both were pulled under and were rescued by a passer-by. I was still angry and ended up flailing at the passer-by (after she had pumped water out of my lungs), not being grateful or courteous at all, and stomped on home. Not caring if my cousin found his way back to my house, where he was staying for a while.
Unfortunately he didn't get lost and ended up getting home right after I did.

After that, my mother decided it was time I had real swimming lessons. -wendieO

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