Monday, March 29, 2010

Nonfiction Monday -- A New Baby Arrives

A New Baby Arrives by Nicola Barber. Part of the Big Day! series from PowerKids Press an imprint of Rosen Publishing, 2009. (just arrived in our library)

Every library needs a variety of 'new baby' books, especially ones that can easily be read by young readers. In this one, there are only one or two sentences on each page printed in large typeface, along with an illustration of the action.

It's illustrated by a photographs of families of different faiths and different countries of origin. Most are satisfactory, but some don't show the thing they are talking about.
page 16 -- "The baby has a special small bath."
We see mom looking on while a five-year old holds a dripping washcloth over the baby, but no sign of the baby bathtub. Probably because the photograph has been put into a cutsie circle which cuts it off.

Back matter includes an index, words you might use about babies, a few suggested books -- none of them later than 2005, and a website that the publisher promises to keep up to date.

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