Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pine Grove El School visit

Friday, I talked to four groups of 4th and 5th graders at Pine Grove Elementary in Maryland about my adventures researching my books. Since it was the last day before spring break, the last group of the day reminded me of the class in High School Musical, waiting for school to get out for summer break. I felt like bursting into that song -- if only I could have remembered the words, I probably would have.

This is the school my oldest grandchild attends, so I didn't charge them my usual fee. It's only a block or two from my home. All of my children have attended school here. But since they had budgeted for my visit, I asked them to donate whatever they had planned to pay me to the school library. As I was setting up for the talks, the school librarian, Mrs. Ambridge, told me that not only had she been given the money, but she'd already spent it!

Good! I'm glad.
This is one of the best schools in Baltimore County, Maryland, (in my opinion) and I'm glad to be able to pay them back in this minor way for all the wonderful advantages they've given all my children. My oldest went on from here to become a pharmacist. The next child was encouraged to develop her artistic talent here, and my 10-year-old grandchild is excelling in music.

Besides, it was fun to see the neighborhood children, who have grown up with the 10-year-old, interacting in a school setting.
Thank you Mrs. Lauren Moore for inviting me to visit Pine Grove.
-wendie old

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