Thursday, July 15, 2010

A packing we do go

Busy busy Thursday. Once I'm done with my third program this week at the library (Beach Fun), I'll be able to focus on what's happening this weekend.

The 10-year-old is going to Girl Scout away-camp for the first time this weekend. I'd forgotten about all the work of putting names on every piece of material she brings. But the 14 (just a little exaggeration -- it's probably 5. or 6. or...) pieces of paper/ information she has to carry with her is many more pages than I remember doing for my first two kids. Since I'll be away at the local SCBWI conference, she has to be completely ready for camp before I leave on Friday so that my husband can take her to the bus on Sunday.

The plans for the workshop on blogging that I'm doing at that SCBWI conference with my writing partner are pretty well set. (She's very organized.) Now I just have to do the family wash and packing for myself.

See you at the conference. -wendieO

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