Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Spider in the car -- found

I found that invisible spider that had been living in my car.
in the dark
After work.

I was sitting at a stoplight when a brown/grey spider with very skinny legs crawled into my sight on the car windshield. It's like it didn't know I was there.
I grabbed my iPhone and squashed that spider. (with the back of the iPhone, natch.)
I had time to clean my iPhone and partially clean the window before the light turned green.

Crossing fingers and toes that there are no more 'visitors' planning to live in my car this fall.


Anonymous said...

Zone of death, baby - Zone of DEATH! Spiders can survive up near the ceiling but if they come within my reach it's the ZONE OF DEATH. Unfortunately there are no survivors to carry the message back to the hordes. I know how you feel about spiders. Good work!
yer lovin' sister ;-)Marion

Wendie O said...

Ah, it's an inherited feeling in our family?