Saturday, March 12, 2011

A new book about writing is published!

Today is the shipping day of a book that writers will find very useful. Instead of being required to have attended a conference to hear Editor, Cheryl Klein, give a talk about writing, now you can purchase a book full of her speeches. Plus other information about the writing and publishing process.

You can see her book and how to order it for your very own library of writing advice (otherwise known, at Vermont College of Fine Arts in Writing for Children and Young Adults, as a Craft Book), by clicking on this link to her blog, Brooklyn Arden.

I've already ordered mine and it's been shipped.
Now, if only the person delivering the box knows to put it onto my back porch, not my front porch, I'll be happy.

Why the back porch?
Because, when the road was redone, the county, in its wisdom, cut off the way to get to our front porch. Any person trying to deliver there must hack their way through bushes, cross the lawn, and duck their head to avoid being hit by hanging tree branches. But some delivery people still try to reach the front. Which means, a week or two after the delivery date, I get to do the hacking and etc. (or simply go out the kitchen door and go around the other side of the house to reach the front door) in order to check for packages on the front porch.

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