Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April is Poetry Month

And because April is Poetry Month, there are all sorts of delicious things happening all over the Blogosphere:

Susan Taylor Brown will post Lessons Learned (Mostly about Me) in a Poem-a-Day at SusanWrites.

April Halprin Wayland will be writing and posting an original poem a day during April at her website's blog -- 2011 Poem a Day Challenge!

Liz Garton Scanlon will give us her third year of a Haiku-a-Day every day in April at Liz In Ink.

Jone MacCulloch will post 30 Days--30 Students: A Poem a Day from students at her blog, Check It Out.

At Deo Writer -- Musings to Spark the Spirit you'll find another Poem A Day: A Personal Journey.

There also is a Poetry Postcard Project. If you want a student-written and decorated poem sent to your home, send an email request to macrush53 @yahoo. com.
(Naturally, for security reasons she put spaces into that email address.)

Gregory K. will present 30 poets/ 30 Days -- a whole month of never-before-seen poems by a slew of fabulous poets writing for kids at his Gottabook blog.

Jama Rattigan will present her 2nd Annual Poetry PotLuck (original poem and favorite recipe by guest bloggers) at jama rattigan's alphabet soup.

Irene Latham will host a month-long Poetry Party: poetry quotes, trivia, craft tips, publishing resources and free books! at Live Love Explore.

Andromeda Jazmon will be doing her fourth year in a row of haiga (original haiku + her photos) at A Wrung Sponge.

Janelle at Brimful Curiosities will host a National Poetry Month Kids Poetry Challenge in which kids are invited to create pictures for the poems she posts each Friday. Check it out.

Biblio File will be featuring a poem or review of a novel-in-verse every day in April.

Anastasia Suen has set up a blog and a Twitter account for students (of all ages) to write Haiku (about what they learned at school that day).

Tricia Stohr-Hunt will host a Poetry in the Classroom series, which will highlight a topic, theme, poet, or book and talk about uses in the classroom at the Miss Rumphius effect blog.

Stasia Kehoe will be including poetry links, a giveaway of signed arc of the debut YA verse novel, Audition, plus reviews every Thursday of verse novels at Writer on the Side.

The Poem Farm will introduce a different poem idea-strategy or poetic technique for children and teachers every day. Each idea-strategy/ Technique will be followed by links to a few poems from this past year. The blog will also feature poem sharing ideas through "Poetry Peeks" into classrooms.

Lee Wind will present sprinkled-throughout-the-month GLBTQ poetry posts at his blog.

Mary Lee Hahn will be writing a poem a day again this year, and posting them at A Year of Reading.

National Poetry Month Poetry Friday schedule:

a.. April 1 http://poemfarm.blogspot.com/

a.. April 8 http://www.madiganreads.com/

a.. April 15 http://randomnoodling.blogspot.com/

a.. April 22 http://bookaunt.blogspot.com/

a.. April 29 http://www.tabathayeatts.blogspot.com/

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