Tuesday, April 5, 2011

First Picnic of the Year

I've been inspired by the book, As Always, Julia (letters from Julia Child) to include more food in my blog entries.

Yesterday, while the weather was sunny and almost 80 degrees, the 11-year-old wanted to have a picnic. So, she set up the picnic towel near the bench at the end of our yard. While I cooked hamburgers, she prepared a relish dish (attacking the celery stalks with karate chops of the knife), and we all carried our food out there.

It was lovely. She lay back on the picnic towel (a huge towel with its own carry handles) while we ate sitting on the bench. We talked about the plants and trees at this end of the yard -- what used to be there and what's growing there now -- and simply had a lovely time.

Then the clouds rolled in, signifying the approaching cold front and rain that poured last night.

I think I should have titled this post -- making memories with kids. Or simply, making memories, because we'll always remember this picnic.

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WendieO said...

We were able to have a second picnic in the back yard yesterday -- again right before today's long, soaking rain hit. Nice warm weather seems to foretell RAIN this spring. I wonder if this is a normal thing, or just this year? -wo