Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Living in an historic house

I live in a historic landmark.

Yes, I hear the envy in people's voices when they talk about our house, but they don't have to live here.
We have fireplaces in every room, but the walls are 18 to 23 inches thick stone walls, so we can't have central heat or air. There's no way the ducts for central anything can be put through our walls.  The choice is wood stoves or electric heaters.
 If we didn't use window air conditioners here and there, we'd have mildew everywhere in our hot, humid summer heat. Believe me, I remember the time before air conditioners and cleaning the walls, etc., all summer wasn't fun.

We keep cats to keep the mice population down. And let's not talk about the bug population. Or the cost of restoration -- to transform the building into a comfortable living space.

Don't envy the historic landmark owners.  Enjoy your own modern house.

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