Monday, May 14, 2012

Nonfiction Monday -- Creative Nonfiction

In a recent blog entry, Melissa Stewart talks about Creative Nonfiction and all its many forms.  She says that her ideas on this topic are evolving, but that her main point is that there is a lot more creativity going into contemporary nonfiction than just storytelling.  She'd love for you to read her blog post about this over on her Celebrate Science blog, plus do read other posts she's written about it, and please contribute your own ideas on the topic.

If you've gone to many SCBWI events recently and have noticed that more information about writing nonfiction is being offered (especially at National), you have Melissa Stewart to thank. She's the person who convinced the SCBWI board that this is an important area for us writers to know about.

Links to more blog posts about nonfiction are being gathered over at the Miss Yingling Reads blog today.

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