Monday, January 21, 2013

Nonfiction Monday and the Truth about Lexile scores

Some schools are insisting that students in a certain grade read books that range within a certain Lexile score.  (no baby books for our darlings)

Unfortunately, most people who understand writing and books understand that many famous adults books have lower Lexile scores than many, more suitable children's books.  Books that are at their interest level and understanding level.  I'm sorry, I actually don't want my fourth/ fifth/ sixth grader reading adult literature, thank you.

  And that some books aimed at certain grade levels can scored be either way lower or way higher when graded on the Lexile system.

And now the Goddess of YA Literature (don't you love her title) has discovered that parents looking for good books for children can find books listed by Lexile at Barnes and Noble bookstores. See her blog post -- It's the end of the world as we know it.  Are you sure you want your 10-year old reading Stephen King?  Some of his books are kinda gross.  But that's what B&N recommends.

I wish schools would back away from the Lexile system and return to being guided by good children's librarians and knowledgeable children's booksellers when looking for a good book for their kids.

Oh, by the way,  The LibrariYan blog  is gathering all the links for Nonfiction Monday today.  Click on over to discover good books and get help determining what age children would enjoy these books.

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