Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Watch out for Horrible Book Contracts

Here's a link to a post by award-winning Nancy Werlin on her blog called Whatever where she discusses, "A HORRIBLE AWFUL TERRIBLE APPALLING DISGUSTING CONTRACT WHICH IS BAD AND NO WRITER SHOULD SIGN IT EVER." 

Okay.  You heard her.  Not only is this contract bad, bad, bad, but some publishers are beginning to also offer this Horrible, Terrible, Very BAD type of contract.
As bad or worse than one from a self-publishing or Vanity Press or other so-called-publisher who takes advantage of newbe writers.

Darn it.
It's from Random House,
so you'd expect a difficult contract that you'd need an agent or a writer's lawyer to help you with, but this one is so one-sided, so pro-publisher and anti-author ,.....
(insert sputtering here)

So --
If you receive a contract anything like this -
RUN, don't walk away.

Click on over to Nancy Werlin's blog and learn what to beware.

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