Friday, March 22, 2013

Your backlist will follow you forever

What is your backlist?
Publisher's backlist consists of all the books they've published.  By looking at their backlist you can figure out what they stand for and what kinds of books they are looking for to publish next.

But what is YOUR backlist?
You've never published any books?  But if you are reading this, you do have a backlist. It's everything you've put forth on the internet.  People say that the Internet is forever.  I'm sure it's not. However, at the present time, anything you put on the Internet is going to be out there for a long time -- until forms of communication change.

So, this is why we keep telling kids -- Don't put that stupid picture of you out there for everyone to find -- because you're gonna be embarrassed to know that future employers or future college admissions people will see it and perhaps get a very wrong impression of you.

There's a good article about this at Emma Dryden's blog.

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